My Approach

My Dad was self employed nearly all my life as a successful attorney and one of the things he told me many years ago was.

"Mike. If you can't find the time to do something right the first time, where are you gonna find it to do it over."

I never forgot that.

When I take on a new project with you we talk a bit about your thoughts, ideas and expectations before I get started and as we work through your project.
We may make drawings to be sure we both understand what you're looking for and when I make suggestions, I explain to you what they are and why you should consider them before they affect your project, not after.

When I see problems coming, I pull you aside and walk you through the problem, presenting solutions and cost affects before moving forward. That way there are no unpleasant surprises in the completion of your project.

My Story

When I started in this business 37 years ago...
... Drafting for the firm that designed the Bay Pines V.A. Hospital, I had no idea I'd one day be in the field swinging a hammer. But after 9 years of colar and tie, 9 to 5 work I burned out and decided to try the field for a change. The first year out was tough. The work was hot in the summer and cold in the winter, I suffered many a purple thumb and rain or shine, we had to show up. I wasn't sure till the second year that I wanted to do it. But midway through the second year I joined up with Carpenter Contractors of America and I was impressed with the level of commitment and dedication they expected from their crews and gave in return. Each person on my team knew his trade and had been doing it with the company for no less than 3 years. That's a long time for a framer in one job.

Framing was about all we did then and while it kept me busy, after the third year with the company I began looking for additional side work doing more generalized repairs which I found much more interesting and rewarding.
Shortly after that I started Mike Spangler, Home Repairs, and after several years of repairs I requested and received my occupational license and started the Home Inspection side of it.

In 2007, due to the then economic crunch, I moved to Hillsborough, North Carolina and shortly thereafter, started work with PATRIOT BUILDING COMPANY, an unrestricted, commercial general contracting company as a Project Superintendent. I was in charge of numerous multi-million dollar commercial construction projects in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area.
After one year of successful and profitable field supervised projects, I was promoted to Project Estimator, Junior Project Manager with the firm and spent another 4 years with them.

When the company folded in 2012 I moved back to Florida and started Mike Spangler - Affordable Home Repairs, LLC and gathered a clientele of 6, property management companies covering over 40 Homeowner Association subdivisions encompassing several hundred homeowners and for 2 years, worked with design needs, home repairs and street curb & sidewalk concrete form work.

In 2014 I moved back to North Carolina briefly while I closed on an historic home in Danville, Virginia and afterwards, began work on rehabbing and restoration.
Now, after all those years of experience and customer satisfaction, I'm working with the State of Virginia to get my General Contractor's license and you can expect the same from my work for you.

Next Steps...

Now, after all those years of experience and customer satisfaction you can expect the same from my work for you!
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