What’s your craftsmanship policy?

when I instal somethng for you, your satisfaction is paramount to me.

If you're unhappy with the quality of anything I build or repair for you, let me know within a reasonable period of time and I'll fix it at no cost.

This guaranty does not cover material defects or failures. That is covered by the mfgr.

What are you providing?

My services are for labor only.
I do not buy your materials.

I can help you in the shopping process by preparing a materials list at no additional charge, detailed enough that you can present it to any Home Depot or Lowe's representative for purchase.

Can you make pickups for me?

Of course!

However, there is a fee of $45 to cover my time and wear and tear on my vehicle.

Do I need a licensed contractor?

No. You do not need a licensed contractor to do anything on your own home. That's an option only.
Depending on the size and type of work involved in your project, you may want to contact a contractor.


You are not required to use a contractor if you own the home.
As the HomeOwner Contractor you can do anything and everything that a general contractor can do, without paying for the markup.

Will I need permits?

That will depend on the scope of work in the project.

Who gets my permits?

Unless you hire a licensed contractor, you will.
Permits are priced by the value of the work and typically run about $45
You can aquire your permits at the local building department.