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About the project
This customer called me about her 80 plus year old kitchen.
When I got there, she told me that they had bought the house nearly 25 years ago and had been living in it all this time as it was when they originally closed on it.
They had never done any remodeling because of short funds and no time over all those years.

Now her job was paying well and she was close to retirement and wanted to treat herself to a new kitchen she had only seen in magazines and never had.
She was very clear that among the other items on her list, she wanted to retain the bar height table and add a new flat screen TV to the kitchen to watch the news at breakfast.
We spent a couple weeks in planning and design and then I launched into the construction which inckded new wall corrections, major ceiling repairs to the falling plaster hanging only by the wood lath, moving the sink, range and fridge and adding some under cabinet lighting.
When I finished she was over joyed.

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About the project
The customer called me about rehabbing their 1899, upstairs bath.
When I got there, she told me that they had purchased their house 20 years ago and had done virtually nothing to update it since buying it.
She said she was ready now for a change and we got started.

After removing the existing fixtures and flooring I closed in the window, added new wainscot, replaced the flooring with vinyl planking, refinished the tub and after adjusting the plumbing, reinstalled it, added a new vanity and lighting, and rebuilt the toilet.
The finished product is vastly more pleasant to use now.

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Landings & Stairs

About the project
This customer called me about replacing their rear steps to the back door.
When I got there, she showed me the rear stairs and I was shocked that they were still using them in the condition they were in.
After we talked for a while about the use and frequency I mentioned that code really required a landing be installed because of safty issues and when I explained to her how she could climb the stairs and then stand comfortably with her 

basket of clothes while opening the door, her whole face lit up.
She told me how for years she had been dancing carefully up and down on the steps to get in and out of the door and the landing idea was just perfect!.
After a couple days she had a new landing to rest on and I added a third stringer to the original design for extra stability in the steps as well.

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About the project
This customer called me about changing their kitchen cabinets.
When I talked to the owner on the phone prior to coming out, she told me that the kitchen was a horror movie waiting to happen. I chuckled and passed it off.
When I got there to look over the project, I was shocked to see that it was.
This house was built in the late 40's and during that period, all cabinets were either custom built 

from raw wood or made from riveted metal sheeting and painted to match the kitchen.
Not only were they still the original cabinets built into the house, they were the original paint as well.
Over the years prior to my customers purchase, the cabinets and counters had rusted and bent and were in horrible condition.
We spent the first 3 weeks doing design and pricing then launched into enlargting the kitchen area, closing off an unnecessary window, moving the sink, fridge and range location and with the help of an electrician friend, adding some new electrical outlets.
The results, I'm sure you'd agree, were spectacular!

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Vinyl Decking

Vinyl Decking Replacements
Tired of looking at your beat up, plank, lumber deck?
Wish you could walk on it barefoot without catching splinters?
Wish you weren't having to go out again this year and sand and paint it?
Well here's your solution!

Vinyl decking is more costly than wood decking and the labor is more intensive but the payback is in never having to sand rough boards, replace rotted boards, stain, seal or paint boards and always having a splinter free deck.
It's virtually maintenance free!

This customer was tired and fed up with all of those problems and especially, not being able to safely entertain his guests and family without fear of someone getting gouged or tripping over a warped board.

Prior to my arrival, he had removed all the old handrail system leaving just the deck for me to deal with.
The old, weather rotted planking was the then removed and replaced with the new, vinyl planking, secured using an invisible fastener to hold them in place leaving no visible screw heads.

After the decking was completely installed I started the posts were adjusted.
One of the major issues I had to deal with here was an outstanding warpage of several of the posts above the deck level. Using a level, the posts were plumbed, a wedge was cut off and reversed to the other side of the post, glued and screwed in place realigning the post.

The vinyl post sleeves were then slipped down over them.
Upon completion of the posts, the handrail bottom rails were installed, the balusters set in place and the top handrail, set on and secured to the posts.

The stair rails were a little more tricky and took a bit more time adjusting the angle and balusters to fit but the final job resulted in a deck you can walk on in stockings that will last longer than you will and never need painting or staining.

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Gas Appliance Venting

About the project
The customer called me about a new, gas water heater replacement.
When I got there, they notified me that they had purchased a new, 80% efficient, gas water heater to replace the older, electric one in place.



After we installed the gas line extension, I was looking into the exhaust and concerned about the old, abandoned chimney mortar being drafty and releasing CO2 fumes into the house.

When the plumbing inspector arrived for the gas rough-in inspection, he verified that we could not use the chimney unless it was sleeved and the alternative was an unsightly, metal, flue pipe, two stories up the side of the house and over the roof.

I didn't like either of those choices so after thinking on this I came up with the idea to use a horizontal ventilation system and vent directly through the foundation wall.

Researching this a bit I located the proper equipment and after installation and a doubtful rough-in inspection, I sent the manufacturers specs to the inspector and we got a signoff and safe ventilation system.

The system plugs into a house receptacle to power a hi-temp fan that draws the exhaust through the vent pipe. A built in safety switch using low voltage to the gas valve, shuts off the pilot light gas in the event of a power failure or fan failure.

We then repeated the system for the 80% gas furnace and both operate safely, smoothly and efficiently.

[I can sell you this kit for as little as $459.95 if you want to instal it yourself]

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Glass Shower Doors

About the project
The customer called me about installing a new, glass shower door.

The "pop-in", fiberglass shower stall was in place when they bought the home and after a couple months of a leaky, shower curtain she wanted an elegant door.

Home Depot supplied the glass door.
Typical installations take 2 to 4 hours and start at $125 for plastic panels and $225 for glass.

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Glass Shower Doors

About the project
This customer called me about installing a new, glass shower door.

They had recently had their custom, oversized shower stall redone with cultured marble lay-in panels and installing a shower rod and curtain was the last thing she wanted.

Home Depot supplied the glass door and assembly and installation took about 3 hours.
The result was an elegant glass door for an elegant, cultured marble shower stall.

[See my cultured marble page for your bath upgrade.]

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Custom Hand Rails

About the project
This project was a long time waiting one. Old, broken and failing handrails on a second floor balcony.

The original rail balusters had long since rotted, most falling out in the years of abandoned neglect. The handrails and lower baluster rail were all that was left.

Each baluster was set in place with a 3" spacer to assure plumb and safety width. A 1x8, ledger board was then added below the handrail to cover the raw flooring joists.


The new rails were installed using pressure treated pine to help in longevity. The new balusters were 2x2, PT pine as well, set inside a channel of trim to help hide the baluster base and dress out the appearance a bit more.

The handrail was then topped with a 1x6 plank and apron giving it a more useful surface width and graceful appearance.

As is my custom, some of the salvaged lumber from the house was reused in complete the project.

Custom Insulated Glass Windows

This project was to replace a single pane window with an energy efficient, double insulated glass window.

The original window installed in the late 1800's, was a single pane glass window less than an 1/8" thick. During the winter it was drafty and ice cold.

Compounding this project was the fact that the local historic committee would allow no replacement windows so removing the window and swapping it out meant removing the entire window frame and all the trim and adding new framing into the wall before a new, wood frame window could be inserted and reset with the trim.

We needed an easier, faster and less expensive alternative.

Knowing we had new technology to work with both the inside and outside trim of the window were left intact and only the inside and center sash channel guides were removed allowing the sash to drop out of the frame.

Once loose in the frame, the sash counter weight cords were cut and allowed to drop free inside the wall. We wouldn't be using them again..

Once out and on the bench, the sash frame was scraped and sanded removing all old paint then it was routed deeper into the glass table for the new, thicker glass panel insert.

After routing the frame was primed and painted with an oil based gloss white for a hard finish then the panel set in a new silicone bed and finally a new, custom glaze frame was siliconed to the panels face.

New hardware was then installed onto the newly painted frame, special ordered to closely match the existing hardware in both style and color.

After installing the hardware a new counterweight system utilizing a spring loaded insert was chosen that would handle the new weight of the window and installed for both sashes, on both sides of the window frame.

After attaching the new cords to the bottoms of the window sashes, the sashes were set back into the frame and the guide trim replaced resulting in an insulated window that looks identical inside and out to its original parent window but performs 100% better..