Kitchen Remodels

You spend a great deal of your time at home in your kitchen.
It should be warm and inviting as wella s a reflection of your personality.

Home Depot and Lowe's both make it budget affordable to create a dream kitchen. All you need is someone to help you build it.

I work closely with both company design departments helping you make the choices that meet your desires and your budget.

Bath Remodels

Your bathroom should be clean and uncluttered. A happy and comforting place to wind down the day in a hot bath with scented water, candles and soft music.

If your bath doesn't offer you that repose, it should and can for very little money.

Make your bath the second place you head for to wind down after work.

General Repairs

I specialize in old home construction and general repairs are an ongoing issue for nearly all homeowners who own an older built home.

Plaster and drywall are two different materials and require different approaches to correct or repair.

Old sanitary piping often needs replacing and the steel water pipes in your home rust and corrode inside reducing the flow rate and water pressure.

Water heaters simply don't provide enough hot water to supply the needs of your family and replacement is an option to consider.

Wall Repairs

Trees fall, siding rots and high winds remove the protection of your exterior wall surfaces.

When that happens, damage to the inside of your wall can quickly become damage to the inside of your house.

That damage can lead to mold and mildew issues that make your home an environment of health risk.

Appliance Replacements

Appliances fail eventually.

Most suppliers will provide you with curbside delivery and removal of the old appliance but few will install the new one, especially if custom work is required.

Whether you're replacing a microwave oven, swapping a stove, or getting a new dryer requiring a new vent line, I can help you with those issues.

Need a new ceiling fan installed or a ceiling light fixture replaced?

Call me for an estimate.

Window Replacement

Home Depot and Lowe's both provide great deals on replacement windows and even offer custom sizing on an as built, as ordered basis.

Old windows can be swapped out with very little difficulty for a new, replacement vinyl window.

If you have design issues to deal with like an Architectural Review or Historic Board, single pane glass can be swapped with insulated glass panels with just a little modification to the original wood frames.

The old, cord and counterweights, lost inside your wall can also be replaced with new spring systems with just a little modification as well.

No Surprises

All my work for you, is on paper.

There will never be changes unless issues arise that I had no way of knowing about.

The price I give you is the price you pay even if I make a mistake in calculating cost.


Every project I do I do with the same pride I would put in my own home.

You can rest assured that what you tell me you want is exactly what you will have when we're done.

Next Steps...

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